Colby West

Asst. Coach - Hurdles
About Colby West

Colby West is a Stevens Point native, and SPASH Alum. She is a Certified Functional Screener, and a professional Kazoo player. Colby has been known to be the quietest coach. She is so quiet that her athletes actually have to wear hearing aids to hear what she’s saying. This makes her an incredible whisperer though. Colby is also often mistaken as Kanye West’s cousin, Kolby West. She’s not.*

*We cannot confirm the validity of any of the information in these biographies. Read with discretion. It's probably not true. But it could be.

Interesting Facts
  • Years Coaching: 4
  • Favorite Food: Over easy eggs
  • Favorite TV Show/Movie: Miss Congeniality
  • Favorite Candy/Snack: Dove dark chocolate peanut butter
  • Hobbies: Puzzles, hiking/being outdoors, recreational sports
  • Education: B.S Northern Michigan University, M.A Ball State University
  • Favorite Quote: 'There are 86,400 seconds in a day. It is up to you to decide what to do with them.'